This is a movement-based taster class for children aged 11+. The full curriculum will include 5-10-minute seated 'mindful moments', exploring topics such as functional breathing, mindfulness practices, breathing for stress and anxiety, and guided relaxations, as well as movement-based yoga classes such as this class.

The curriculum is designed so that each week the children do one movement-based class and one 'mindful moment', although these could be repeated multiple times in the week.

Below each class the copy describes the learning outcomes.

If you have any questions about the class content, please contact [email protected]. Classes can be viewed via the web or the Felicity Wood Yoga app. If you have any technical problems, please contact our support team

  • Secondary school taster class

    This is a taster class for children aged 11+. It includes seated and standing poses, balancing and mindful breathing.

    Physical learning objectives:
    - develop flexibility, range of motion and strength whilst also releasing muscular tension through yoga-based stretches and postures
    - develop cont...