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Watch this video and more on Felicity Wood Yoga

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Spine resilience



  • Spine mobility

    This Hatha yoga class focuses on moving your spine in all of the directions that it moves, to keep it healthy and mobile in a balanced way. This includes forward bending, back bending, twisting, side bending and elongation.

    If you are currently experiencing acute back pain, this class is not sui...

  • Lower back tension relief

    This Hatha yoga class focuses on alleviating lower back tension through releasing the muscles of the whole circumference of your hip joint. This is important because if there is tension in your hips, this can affect the position of your pelvis, which can position of your spine, which can lead to ...

  • Flow for mental focus

    This Vinyasa Flow class focuses on simple rhythmic movement connected with breath, to anchor your awareness in the present moment and to focus your mind.

    This is a dynamic class. Some prior experience of Vinyasa Flow is recommended.

    Recommended equipment: yoga mat.
    Optional equipment: 1 x bri...