Every month, here's where I'll share my thoughts and news, and give you a roadmap for what's coming up for classes and events over the coming months.

  • June 2022 vlog

    Hello! Here's my June vlog. I'm in Montenegro at the moment so I chat a little bit about that, and reflect on my thoughts relating to my daily cold-water dips. There's also a bit of information about classes that are coming soon. Any questions or class requests, just let me know. Felicity x

  • May 2022 vlog

    Hello! Here's my May vlog. In this month's vlog I share an extract from one of my favourite books about tapping into life's energy, and I also give you an update on classes coming soon. Any questions at all, I am here for you. Felicity xx

  • April 2022 vlog

    Hello! Here is my April vlog.

    It's short and sweet this month, and I recorded it on the coastal path in Cornwall. In this vlog I chat about my love for moving my body and things coming up on the platform over the next month.

    Here's the instagram quote that I mentioned. Turns out it was by Baz L...

  • March 2022 vlog

    Hello! Here is my March vlog.

    In this vlog I chat about balancing, my new morning routine and things coming up over the next month.

    Here are the details of the Monthly Deep Dive series that I mentioned. If you have any questions, just let me know:

  • February 2022 vlog

    Hello! Here's my February vlog.

    In this vlog I chat about balancing work, rest and play, and I let you know about this month's class theme.

    If you are interested in my retreat in Cornwall in March, here are the details:

    Felicity xx

  • January 2022 vlog

    Hello! Here's my January vlog.

    In this vlog I chat about things happening in January on the platform, plus I give you some prompts for 2021 reflections and 2022 intentions.

    The booking page for the live 'How to eat healthily without spending hours in the kitchen' session with Louise is here, an...

  • December 2021 vlog

    Hello! Here's December's vlog.

    The booking page for the Candlelit yoga session on 16th December is here. Just select the free ticket for members:

    And our facebook group is here:


  • November 2021 vlog

    Welcome! This is my first vlog for you all.

    Any questions or comments please let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.