5 - 15 MINUTES

5 - 15 MINUTES

Here are all of the classes which are 5 - 15 minutes in duration.

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5 - 15 MINUTES
  • 15 minutes to move & stretch

    This Pregnancy yoga class includes gentle movement and stretching to release tension and mobilise your body. The whole sequence is low to the ground with limited weight bearing through the arms.

    This class is suitable from your 14th week of pregnancy onwards and it is suitable for beginners. If...

  • Reconnect with your core & pelvic floor

    This Postnatal yoga class focuses on bringing awareness and tone to your core and pelvic floor muscles to help you to gently strengthen these areas. It's a great starting point if you'd like to start exercising again.

    This class is suitable after you have been given the all-clear from your midwi...

  • Nighttime meditation

    This meditation for postnatal women cultivates a feeling of release and letting go, to help you to relax. It can be practiced at any time of the day, although it might be useful if you are awake in the middle of the night nursing.

    No prior experience of meditation is necessary. You can be lying...

  • 10-minute desk break

    This Hatha yoga sequence is designed to give you a short movement-based break from your desk. The whole sequence is standing, so you could do it beside your desk.

    This class is suitable for beginners.

    Optional equipment: yoga mat.

  • Pelvic & core stability

    This Postnatal yoga class focuses on cultivating pelvic and core stability. It’s a great next step after you have regularly practiced the ‘Reconnect with your core & pelvic floor’ class.

    This class is suitable after you have been given the all-clear from your midwife or doctor to start exercisin...